Weather stations registered: 859

Norway: 70
USA: 238
UK: 116
Switzerland: 7
Sweden: 25
France: 18
Poland: 4
Spain: 23

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2018-05-17 12:00:50
Laichingen, Germany
Station name: Wetter Laichingen-Machtolsheim (view on map)
Brand: Peet Bros
Model: Ultimeter 2100 Unimount
Webcam: http://

2018-04-29 13:15:01
London, United Kingdom
Station name: London Borough of Newham, Upton Park (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: VP2 Plus with FARS

2018-04-22 06:36:41
Dumas, United States of America
Station name: NE, Dumas (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage Pro 2

2018-04-10 16:43:45
Station name: (view on map)
Brand: Weather Display
Model: Davis

2018-04-08 18:25:36
Sneland, Norway
Station name: Sneland (view on map)
Brand: Davis Vantage Pro2plus
Model: 6163 Davis Vantage Pro2Plus
Webcam: http://

2018-03-30 23:47:49
Pisa, Italy
Station name: meteoipassi (view on map)
Brand: Oregon scientific
Model: WMR88

2018-03-30 20:28:35
Faversham, United Kingdom
Station name: Faversham Weather Station (view on map)

2018-03-29 07:23:42
Trnovec Bartolovecki, Croatia
Station name: AMP Trnovec Bartolovecki (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Davis Vantage Pro2 Aktiv Plus

2018-03-27 15:42:29
Tarragona/ Sant Pere y Sant Pau, Spain
Station name: meteotgn (view on map)
Brand: DAVIS
Model: Vantage PRO 2 Plus

2018-03-26 15:47:54
Maidstone, United Kingdom
Station name: Maidstone (view on map)
Brand: Davis
Model: Vantage Pro
Webcam: http://